Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Sunday Picnic

Well, Sunday Best started off a bit Sunday worst, as hangovers creeped along neural pathways unrelenting in their urgency to debilitate their host....however, the sun came out in rural Victoria and the North Easterly wind blew its warm breath on those who needed it most.
Starting off watching friends sing their tunes at the local drinking establishment, we sipped champagne with strawberries, Mexican beers and tangy Sauvignon Blanc wine. The sun shone through the stained glass windows, the talk got merrier and the inevitable happened....what shall we eat for dinner?
After much deliberation we decided on take away Indian - the best we could muster given various levels of hangovers and star signs (at least one Libran makes decisions tricky).
We headed to one of our favourite little beaches known as 'Pea Soup', where we spread out our picnic rug, laid various curries and accoutrements onto plastic plates and cracked open a few bottles of vodka and ginger. Early evening/late afternoon walkers with dogs, young guys fishing on the rocks, little tackers paddling in the water all quietly passed us by as we dived in to our delicious looking food. The sun turned a glorious tangerine and the world turned into silhouettes and shadows, people stopped to chat momentarily. Those few who were out and about truly felt the glory of the setting sun, the luxuriousness of the day and the anticipation of a good night's sleep.
So, Sunday Best evolved into a sunset picnic on the beach with good friends and good feeling, and of course, good food. Good night.


  1. ooh lovely feel compelled to share Yeah It's Pizza Friday in our home. After a long week, man of the house starts pizza dough in the morning and when we get home makes a small but perfect vodka martini for lady of the house to unwind into...Then the dough is rolled out and first up comes a lovely tassie pink eye potato and rosemary pizza, followed by a tomato, ham, mozzarella and maybe a few anchovies simple pizza. Even the 10yo claims that pizza at our house is way better than pizza hut (maybe I've done something right). No frocks on a friday but trackies and an old woollen jumper but the sentiment is the same. Family, friends, simple homemade with love good food and a bevvie. xxx Sal

  2. yes, I too have been practising my home made pizzas... last week's culinary delight was shaved smoky ham, fresh tomato and buffalo mozzarella with a sprinkling of fresh basil when it comes out of the oven, all atop a nice crisp homemade pizza base. No martinis (child too young to make them) but a nice glass of Coonawarra red or a NZ Sauvingon Blanc. Divine!


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