Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Folky Sunday...

We're not quite sure when this week's Sunday best began... was it with pancakes for the masses, followed by the extremely decadent (and yes I think gluttonous) 'Volcano' strawberry fiesta of cream, ice cream, yoghurt, berry coulis and sweet sweet strawberries? Or did the 'Best' begin when we frocked up and went to church?
Yes, this heathen girl and her cohorts went to church. I love churches, they are peaceful and serene; and whilst I'm not sure about the whole God thing, churches certainly fill my spirit with love and a true sense of being. Alas, we did not go to pray but to listen to 4 beautiful voices known as 'Akasa', an a'capella group from Melbourne [http://www.myspace.com/akasaaustralia]. 
As they sang "walk with me, hold my hand I don't want to walk alone..." I got the warm fuzzy tingles and knew I was at one of the best sermons I'd been to. The sun shone through the stunning stained glass windows and, as the cockatoos screeched their maddening cry overhead, I smiled to myself at the majesty of it all.
With folded hands my dear friends and I went into different realms - all experiencing the same event but responding in our own way. As we left the church I felt quite pious I must say, an extremely uncommon emotion for me. Luckily it was short lived and as we walked back through the wrought iron gates and into my backyard (the church is right behind my house with no fence between us) the talk turned to food and beverages...
Corks popped and we felt we truly deserved a glass of bubbly and a plate of buffalo mozzarella topped with tomato, fresh basil and drizzled with Limestone coast olive oil and  pink Murray River salt flakes.
Utterly divine in the late afternoon sun...celestial even. Then it was back for more 'Volcano' strawberries...

celestial delights

This week's Sunday Best was courtesy of my home town's annual Folk Festival.


  1. Another Sunday Best. Thanks for sharing Dani. I feel the love.

  2. Another sunny Sunday sermon...nice. Thanks for sharing.


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