Friday, 25 March 2011

It occurred to me today that Sunday Best, although slightly indulgent, is about family. And I don't just mean bloodlines. Many of us live remotely from our parents, siblings and extended family.  It is hard at times to only talk to my mum on the phone when I really need to share a cup of tea, or my brother who works in the mines in the middle of the continent. I think about my brother's well set up 'bar' and would dearly love to have him mix me a gin & tonic and talk 'til the early hours...
Sunday Best provides me with family - dearly loved friends who share passions, sorrows and joys. Yes, it is a luxury that we can eat some of the best food in the region, and it is a luxury to grow much of this produce ourselves. Given the calamities that surround our lives - tsunamis & earthquakes, countries erupting into civil war and the rest of the daily horrors we see splashed across our night-time TV screens - I get immense enjoyment from spending time simply, with friends preparing good food. There is no greater joy than seeing people’s faces light up when they bite into one of my creations, especially the kids because they don’t lie when it comes to food...
So, here's thanks to 'family' and the love that binds us all.
my son's painting

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  1. an EXCELLENT day had by all yesterday B E A utiful food great freinds and a great day had by all... this was one of the best days out i have had for a long time thanks very much to all that came :)


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