Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sunday Best is about dressing fine, feasting on delectable delights and sharing this all with friends, family, new acquaintances and those who need it most....
No rules apply, just food, finery, friends and laughter, or tears if that what comes along.

The sharing of food and conversation seems to be getting lost along a highway of take away, quick snacks, breakfast-on-the-run and 30 minute dinners. A group of us decided, as we sat down to 'High Tea' on a country farm in rural Victoria, that we want to share food in an atmosphere of celebration and ritual.
Sundays - traditionally the day of rest, for church, for putting on your best, for sharing in whatever way fulfils your spirit, your culture, your religion.
We made cucumber sandwiches, vol au vents, mini pavlovas with chocolate and cream, vanilla panacotta made from fresh Buffalo yoghurt (we sat at the window watching the very buffalo who gave their milk); the kids had their own treats on the picnic rug in the lounge and I'm sure the cat and 2 dogs had the best leftovers they'd had in a long while...
We dressed up, put our frocks on, combed our hair (even managed to run the comb through the 9 year old boys hair) and felt good. So nice to be out of work clothes - a gardener out of her green tinged shorts and sun hat, a horse trainer out of her jodhpurs and blundstone boots, a cheese maker freed from the white hair net... We could change roles, we could be fancy in our finery, we could discuss the possibilities our lives and our world around opportunes us, we could dream lofty dreams and make them our realities.
The days of fighting battles with kids, partners, workers were laid to rest for a few hours, while we ate and laughed. So, we decided to create 'Sunday Best' and live our dreams for a few hours on a Sunday, the day reserved for rest, for enjoyment, for laughter and for food....

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