Monday, 28 March 2011

A very Spanish Sunday

“Dani this is so relaxing, I’d only be doing chores if I was at home”
“You’ve captured the essence of South America perfectly, this is just how it would be back home in Peru..”
“an EXCELLENT day had by all yesterday, beautiful food great friends... this was one of the best days out I have had for a long time, thanks very much to all that came :)”  Ben

As people from as far away as Iceland, Austria, Germany and Peru sat around the big table feasting, the conversation and comments flowed, as did the diverse languages. We did all manage a universal ‘salut’ – to your health! The table was laden with empanadas, guacamole, black eyed beans with chorizo, spiced almonds, fish & olive stew, marinated olives in fennel & citrus, paella, manchego cheese with figs and of course, jamón. Jugs of sangría kept appearing in hues of brilliant deep red, orange and lemon slices sparkling inside. And just like the oranges we all sparkled too, girls in frocks and flowing skirts, boys in suits and alpaca vests  and kids in brightly coloured ponchos – dressed up for Sunday Best, getting together and celebrating the wonderful life we have.
We talked physics, viscosity and the fact that ‘dice’ is actually the plural of die [very confusing for our Icelandic princess], and she was sure there were no other words like this? Well how about thrice I ventured? Ah, she said “once twice thrice a lady”. We all erupted into laughter thinking of the song, humming now in my head. 

I learnt today that vinegar, not salt, makes pork crackling ‘crackly’ which I am very happy to know for my next pork belly cook-off! And I learnt that it is sometimes the most unlikely of souls that can come together in a small country town to make you laugh, be happy and truly feel communal joy.
‘There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle’


  1. Well my dear Dani once again a thoroughly enjoyable Sunday spent chatting with friends old and new and expanding ones cullinary experiences. To me these Sundays have become a well neaded escape from the drudgery of day to day life. I am someone who would, if left to my own devices spend all day everyday alone in my shed never seeing a sole. On some occasions the outside world seems to be an elusive scary place which I dare not enter for fear of being swept up in the fast pace of modern day life as it hurtles me unsespectingly through the days, months and years, leaving me looking back in wonderment at where the time has gone.
    Yet as sunday approaches as it does each week I find myself looking forward to the animated discussions about what we might do this week, what will we make, where will we go and what will we wear. I have stopped looking for excuses of why I am too busy to come... it is a sunday, there are no excuses. Switch off the phones, televisions and all thaughts of work. Turn on the oven and open the recipe books.....Sunday is here.....if only everyday were a Sunday.

  2. Perfect! All the wonderful reasons why Sunday Best works so well. People coming together for a few moments shared, to escape or to join in, to be part of it or to be apart from something else, an excuse to dress up, get out, switch off, switch on....whatever is your fancy!


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