Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Trouble in the kitchen

I got in a little bit of trouble the other day. I'd whipped up a batch of lemon cheesecakes and some lemon curd, packed my little babies into containers and took some out to work. I handed out jars of curd for folks to devour in their own time (and apparently, straight out of the jar in a few decadent mouthfuls). I had 2 for lunch that day, with fresh curd on top. I'd used butter nut snap biscuits this time for the base, which turned out fabulously! So, where was the trouble? Innocent, blind little me. I'd forgotten how food can make people feel special. My special person in my life had loved these morsels when I first baked them for him.  They made him feel loved, the warm lemon texture of the cakes straight out of the oven had surrendered him to love, carried him off to that very special place where the inner chatter stops completely. Joy. My mistake was that I was giving away this love and joy. It took me a few days to understand why he was upset - because I'd made them for him and that made him feel special. I'd poured my love in with the soft ribbons of whipped cream cheese and while I did know this, I didn't consciously know this. If you know what I mean.

My understanding is greater now. I know the powerful effect food can have on the soul. It's not always a rational thing. Biting into a warm lemon yoghurt cake this morning, dusted with icing sugar had the effect of 're-setting' my senses. The warmth of the cake, the icing sugar going up my nose and my hot cup of tea was nurturing. Time slowed. Alone in my  kitchen with my recipes books sprawled across the kitchen table, I felt happy.

So, with my new found understanding of food and my man I will keep a few things just for him, for family and our own special comfort that we all need at times. Time to go searching for a new recipe that will melt his big heart.

Recipe for Lemon Yoghurt Cake [Click here]

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