Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Berry relaxing...

Baking always relaxes me. Unless I'm rushed. Do not rush me. Things turn badly fast - sunken cakes, dried out muffins, burnt toast.
I'd seen this recipe on my Facebook feed, followed it to Pinterest then finally located the recipe on annie's eats lovely little blog page. I really love following links to new places; it's like going for a walk in the forest and wandering down different paths.
So, I left it for a few days, had the recipe open on Safari, looked at it a few times, thinking thinking... Why do I think so much about a recipe? I like to have all ingredients on hand. That is, nothing too fancy that will cost the earth, no trips to the supermarket. Given my 13 year old son will be devouring this, I want to make sure he will like it. I will only have a taste. Moderation is in style for me.
Also, I have to like the blog or webpage I get recipes from, and this one I liked. Cute photos of kids covered in raspberries, fields of freshly grown berries...
I could only get frozen berries but they still work a treat! I must say I wasn't sure what a pastry blender was, but I figured my hands would do (I did make sure my fingers were cold when I rubbed the butter into the flour mix).
So, here's to summer berries and relaxing!

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