Sunday, 22 May 2011

Tea for 1 and Curry for 10

Sunday 1st May
The weekend began with discussions with my mother about who was most deserving of a cup of tea in bed in the morning. She tried the good old ‘I’m older’ angle and won (un)fair and square. So, my 9 year old son made tea for Grandma, while poor old me got to sleep in - completely unaware of the travesty taking place in my very own house! Huh!
We had celebrated my dear friend Amy’s birthday the evening before...with piles of food once again. Huge pots of steaming rice accompanied by beef madras, Goan fish stew, Aloo Chole (chickpea and potato curry); along with accoutrements of mango chutney, lime relish, banana & coconut sambal and fresh buffalo yoghurt with cucumber and coriander. We gathered around the 1950’s laminate table – all 10 of us cosied up, tucking into a combined effort Indian feast.

I had a bee in my bonnet about making a orange chocolate cake for dessert (I know, not very Indian), slathered in chocolate ganache with mascerated mandarins in orange blossom water. Wow, it was rich and delicious and fed 10 adults and 4 kids.To top our food fest off, we played a game called ‘The Art of Food Conversation’ [] which had us all talking for hours about our first tastes, favourite meals, dislikes and a plethora of other food experiences. Lots of fun!
So back to Sunday....I decided I’d then set my elderly mother to work and got her sanding and painting my chest of drawers while the sun shone. I plied her with cups of tea and home-made slices. She is quite a hard worker my mum. We then took a bunch of wild and raucous children down to Pea Soup (of course it has a FOOD name!) beach where we all pranced around in the sand and scampered over rocks until the sun started to set and it was time to go home, get warm and ummm.....decide what was for dinner!

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