Sunday, 22 May 2011

Mother's Day 8th May

My little man arrived with tea and toast this morning! And beautifully wrapped gifts for this one day of the year, that is commercial, but I do feel special to be a mum. I think of my mum, my mum’s mum and way back....all the strong and beautiful women who had children, ran households, worked, cooked and loved with all their heart. And I feel blessed to be one of them; and proud of my little boy who knows just the way I like my cup of tea. Hot, a little bit sweet and strong. My divine purple hot water bottle with its bright orange cover makes my day.
Off we head to soccer (no day off for the mum’s). I’m happy to sit in the warm car watching the boys and girls run around in the rain. Then it’s time for morning tea; we go to Wyton’s where it’s warm and bustling with mums, daughters, sons, partners – families and friends. A delicious chocolate brownie oozing with decadence delights us both and gives the required energy for the day, which as yet, is unplanned.
I decide flannelette sheets are needed to go with my hot water bottle, I'm already thinking about going back to bed! 9 year old sprints to the toy section while I peruse the range of bed linen, deciding floral is not for me...
And then the decision is what to eat for lunch? Many options but everywhere is too busy, so I suggest take away pizza from Alex’s Pizza and wok in Koroit.

We sit overlooking Tower Hill and the Southern Ocean, eating cheesy garlic pizza and our own concoction of favourites – anchovies, olives, salami & mushrooms. We drive down to the bottom of the now extinct volcanic crater and race to the top of a majestic hill speckled with drooping sheoaks, gums and wattles. The colours are splendid in the autumn afternoon. I lose the race gracefully but rejoice in being loved and loving my precious little man.

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