Friday, 29 September 2017

Time to be fabulous!

As I sit and contemplate the past year and my upcoming birthday, I think to myself, I need some fabulousness. And that, dear foodies, comes in the form of Phuong Dung's Fabulous Chocolate cake.
I have written of this before, the ooey gooey goodness of 200gm of butter and chocolate that is pure heaven.
Heaven indeed. 

It's been a year of grief and much sadness for my dear friend and myself. We have had our loved ones depart our worlds - and for me, this has culminated in severe anxiety and a deep sadness that just moves around me silently like a shadow.
Chocolate helps. Actually, it is the baking that helps - the warmth of the kitchen, the radio on - it brings my beloveds closer, I can wrap them in a moment of time, casting a spell.
So, this is for my dear friend Phuong Dung and all those in my heart, you know who you are. Fabulous!

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