Wednesday, 30 January 2013


It took me the best part of the afternoon to decide what to do with my freshly picked plums... I got lost in a sea of Internet recipes and wonderful blogs.....I read about one blogger who suffers depression and finds solace in cooking. She is not alone there. I find cooking such a heart-warming and uplifting past-time. Sometimes I listen to tunes, other times I bake in silence just listening to the kids outside, the odd car driving past and usually the south westerly wind that blows the leaves down my driveway.  Baking makes me happy in ways that are soulful. I don't even have to eat any of what I cook, I like the process plain and simple. Although, the rewards I've gotta say, are usually always good.

Today, I had a mission. A heap of wonderful dark plums, picked from the trees at one of my current workplaces'. At times I am incredibly indecisive - today is one of them. So many choices! My original idea was to make a strawberry vanilla tart and use plums instead, but some little voice inside my head (that got extremely loud mind you) told me to keep looking. I stumbled across The Bojon Gourmet, who not only had the most luscious sounding dessert but won me over with the photos. Always judge a dessert by its cover....well nearly always, yes. She had adapted it from a book called 'Pure Dessert' and I in turn adapted them both! Very easy to make with all the ingredients in the pantry. I have to wait to taste because I'm taking it to a bbq....ok, I might have just tried a little bit, really....

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  1. I'm so glad you like the tart, and I'm envious of your plum tree! I love the process of cooking/baking more than the results themselves, also. So comforting. Lovely blog!


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